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Sore Thumbs and a Galaxy Not So Far, Far Away!!

One of the things that has always been a part of who I am is being a MASSIVE geek!! From being the president of the Role Playing Society at Glasgow University to working as Operations Director for the leading independent comic publishing house BHP Comics, it's safe to say that is something that is not going to fade anytime soon.

So let's talk about Star Wars then... after we look at a picture of one of my cats, cos he's cute and it makes sense in a bit as he is a rescue cat.

 Here's Cosy, he's a wee dude :)

Here's Cosy, he's a wee dude :)

So yeah, Star Wars...

The first film was out a year before I was born and I have always been into it, I don't ever remember not being a fan! I can't be the only one that used to peg it about on my Raleigh Burner pretending I was on a speeder bike skiting through the forest on Endor? How many household items became a lightsaber when you held it and I definitely did not nearly pass out from straining trying to move some of my toys with the force. So yeah, a bit of a geek.

I created a couple of images for a bit of fun, taking Glasgow landmarks and mashing them up with the Star Wars galaxy, as I said a bit of fun. Chucked them up on my Facebook page and before I knew it I had my page going nuts with shares and likes on the pics, so much so that shortly a journalist from STV got in touch to see if they could do a piece on the images! This led to our first 'Star Wars in Glasgow' (SWiG) exhibition, fast forward two years and we are onto exhibition no.5, including two in Aberdeen and one in Edinburgh. Not bad for a bit of fun?

 One of the original images from the first SWiG exhibition

One of the original images from the first SWiG exhibition

The exhibition features original pieces from award-winning comic book artists Tanya Roberts and Neil Slorance, calligrapher Jen Fisher (aka Toasty Type), tattooist David Matson, artist Karen Bones, classic Star Wars toy collector Thomas Wilson and of course myself. SWiG is raising funds for charity and all profit from this exhibition is going to help the Scottish SPCA.

Below is a video of Jen (Toasty Type) and me chatting about the exhibition on opening night. Big shout out to Mina from Glasgow Living for coming down to do the piece with us, you rock!

Sore thumbs?? Well someone had to frame and hang the exhibition! Ouch! lol

You can find out about all the artists involved in the exhibition below and check out the Facebook page here.

David Matson - www.instagram.com/randomgingerbloke

Karen Bones - www.karenbones.com

Jen Fisher - www.toastytype.com

Neil Slorance - www.neilslorance.com

Tanya Roberts - www.enolianslave.deviantart.com

Thomas Wilson - www.bravescottishgifts.com